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How to Start Wholesaler Dropshipping Business

Here are the steps on how to start Wholesaler Dropshipping Franchise Business with House of Franchise

Start your Dropshipping business now for as low as PHP 5,288.00 (StartUp package) and thus having this business will help you earn as much ₱60k monthly.

  1. Attend or watch our presentation on how Dropshipping works.
  2. Contact us to Get the Initial Requirements. You can email us at or message us at our facebook page
  3. Fill up the form and send to
  4. Our Company will get back to you via Email
  5. Pay the Franchise Fee ₱5,288.00
  6. We will now start processing your dropshipping business.
  7. We will send another email to notify you that your Dropshipping Business is Successfully Activated!

If you have question or clarification about this, feel free to contact us or attend our FREE Zoom Presentation.

Other packages for higher income potential:

  1. Starter Wholesaler – ₱17,88.00
  2. Wholesaler – ₱53,664.00
  3. Super Wholesaler – ₱125,216.00
  4. Mega Wholesaler – ₱268,320.00
  5. Master Wholesaler – ₱554,528.00

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