Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please read the below common questions regarding in our Online Franchise Package. If you still have any question or other concerns, you can send us a email at or message us at our facebook page

Why there is a big discount for the franchise?

The standard food cart for each concept are priced at ₱288,888 this includes all the things you need to operate and site inspection, physical assembly of the cart, training and initial inventory. Since you won’t need a physical store or other operations, that’s why the price of Online Franchise package is only ₱17,888.

What's the difference between the Starter and Platinum Online Package?

In the Starter Online Package (P3,980) you are entitled to 10% income for every product sold through your shop link, as for the Platinum Online Package (P17,888) your are entitled for up to 20% income for every product sold. Starter Online package has an inclusion of freebies worth P500 of food and Health products. For the Platinum Online Package, it has an inclusion of freebies P2,000 worth of food and health products.

Are the Mangboks, Coppermask, Boybondat, and JC Health and Beauty Shoplinks included in the package?

Yes, these Shop Links will be included for free as an added bonus on availing the Franchise. Now, you can sell more than just the food products.

Can I upgrade my P3,980 package to the P17,888 package?

No, the Starter Online Franchise Package is non-up-gradable. If you wish to avail the 20% income, you will have to purchase the Platinum Online Franchise Package.

What will we do with the health and beauty product freebie inclusions? Are we required to sell them?

It depends on the franchisee. The health and beauty products are just some of the benefits and gifts for availing the franchise. You can either sell them or use it for consumption.

Can we choose the products specifically in the inclusions? Why are the food products not included in the freebies?

Due to increased demand, we prioritize customer orders first. Because of that, the inclusions that are sent to the franchisee is assorted, but guaranteed valued at the agreed upon price.

Do we still need to buy inventory in order to sell?

No, we will fulfill all orders that customers will place using your shop link. No need to shell out upfront capital or store the inventory. Whenever you make a sale, we will handle the delivery.

We we be handling customer complaints and tracking order status?

We will handle the customer complaints and order status. However, if a customer contacts you regarding a concern, you can direct them to our company website and we will handle the complaint for you. There is also an order tracker tool in your website shop link that customers can use.

Are we only going to sell Siomai food products?

There is a wide variety of food products to sell in the shop. Not only will you be able to sell siomai, but you can also sell siopao, french fries, fried noodles, and burger patties with additional Mang Bok’s and Boy Bondat.

Are the food products we sell pre-cooked?

The products are delivered frozen. As we cannot pinpoint the exact arrival of delivery, the food products that customers will buy will be delivered in a frozen state.

How long will the orders arrive to the customers?

We deliver daily between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Orders placed beyond 5 p.m. will be processed the following day. Orders will be delivered within 2-3 days.

What areas are available for delivery to customers?

The shop is constantly updating its servicable areas for your customers, as we are continually setting up food hubs across the countries These are the current serviceable areas where you can market to customers:

  • Nationwide

Can I still become a Franchisee even if I do not reside in Metro Manila?

Yes, the Online Franchise Package is open to all Filipino citizens. Don’t worry you’ll still able to sell in the selected areas since all transactions are online. Also, we are constantly updating the list of serviceable areas whenever we have set up a new food hub in a certain city.

Where will I receive my income?

You will be provided with a dedicated dashboard with username and password in order to request your income. Payment will be sent to your bank of choice.

How many days until I receive my earnings?

Tuesday and Wednesday is the schedule for request, Friday will be the check release in our office or bank transfer (for BDO accounts), for Non-BDO accounts, we will have to wait 2-3 banking days for the cheque to clear.

Is my income taxable?

Yes there is a 10% tax for every encashment you make per week.

Can I Sell below SRP?

Selling below the SRP is prohibited. Unless otherwise it is done in a private transaction where you are in agreement with a single customer. Nevertheless, standardizing a price below SRP is not allowed and is subject to a revoke of your franchise.

Do I need to use the Online Store that you provide to sell the products? Can I create my own online store?

It is recommended to use the online store provided especially if you are not knowledgeable in web design. You may create your own store, provided that the prices are the same with the original store. Also take note that you will have to encode your orders through your SHOP LINK as your earnings will only be acknowledged if it is ordered through the SHOP LINK.

Can you elaborate more on the SHOP LINK? How will I be able to earn through it?

Each franchisee will have a unique SHOP LINK. In order to receive the 30% earning, the franchisee must share his/her unique SHOP LINK to their customers. Customers who purchase any products through that shop link will credit the franchisee of the 30% commission.

How Do I Share my Shop Link?

There are various ways you can share your link and sell the food products. You can post on your Facebook wall, create a Facebook page which directs to your shop link store, private message your friends, and many more.

I am not skillful in online marketing, will the company provide online training?

Yes, we will provide basic online marketing training so that you can start sharing your link and start earning.

Can I use any social media apps to market the products?

Yes, you can use any social media, website, online platforms to share your SHOP LINK.

Can I grab marketing photos from the website or page and use it to market?

Yes, you are allowed to use any marketing materials from our website or page.

How does Siomai king Online Franchise work?

You sell using your own online Shop Link. Company will do the inventory, shipping and other office works and then you Earn. But we don't limit you in online selling, you can also sell in front of your house or in traditional way.

How to be a Toktok Franchise Operator?

  1. Purchase your toktok Online Franchise package to acquire your franchise ID Number. You can purchase TokTok Online Franchise Here
  2. Go to website and click - Become a toktok Operator
  3. Fill up the toktok franchise operator form.
  4. Attend the formal toktok Online Franchise Operator training by choosing among the following sessions from Monday – Saturday. (1st Session 10:00am – 12:00pm, 2nd Session 1:00pm – 3:00pm, 3rd Session 4:00pm – 6:00pm)
  5. Once the training sessions are done you are now a toktok franchise operator! For your operator credentials don’t forget to check your email.
  6. You can now operate and start recruiting your riders!

How to franchise Siomai King Food Cart?

  1. You must have a location where to put the Food Cart or Kiosk
  2. Submit the Initial Requirements for ocular inspection. Kindly contact us to get the Blank form of the said requirements:
  3. Once your location is approved. Pay the Franchise Fee PHP 288,888.00 to our Main Office so that we can start processing your Franchise
  4. You can contact us if you have question and clarification about our business

How to franchise Siomai King Community?

  1. Attend or watch our presentation on how Siomai King Community Franchise works
  2. Submit the Requirements. Kindly contact us to know more about this:
  3. Once your franchise is approved. Pay the Franchise Fee PHP 17,888.00 so that we can start processing your Franchise
  4. You can contact us if you have question and clarification about our business

How much is the franchise for Siomai King Community?

Our new 2in1 Community Franchise Package is now only PHP 17,888.00

How much is the franchise for Siomai King Food Cart?

Our Food Cart Franchise Package is now only PHP 288,888.00

What is the size of our Food Cart?

Our Food Cart Size is 200cm x 200cm (atleast 4sqm) for Siomai King, Noodle House, Potato King, Siopao da King

If I avail Siomai King Online or Community Franchise, I am required to upgrade it to Food Cart?

No, you are not required to upgrade it to foodcart.