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Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globe Annual Awards is a highly prestigious award that acknowledges businesses and individuals for their exceptional contributions in various fields. This accolade is divided into two categories, namely Business Excellence and Outstanding Filipino Achievers, with a focus on promoting excellence across all sectors. The Business Excellence category recognizes companies that showcase exceptional performance in their products, services, and overall business objectives. On the other hand, Outstanding Filipino Achievers category acknowledges individuals who have displayed excellence in their field through their talents and expertise. House of Franchise's digital franchise business concept, Toktok, has been named as the "Best Fast-Growing Delivery Courier Franchise" at the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence. This recognition highlights the company's groundbreaking innovation and outstanding performance in the delivery courier industry. Being awarded this prestigious title reinforces House of Franchise's position as a leading player in the field, establishing them as an industry benchmark for excellence and innovation in the franchise business.

Franchise Company of the year House of Franchise

Asia Leader Awards

The Asia Leaders Award is the pinnacle of a year-long series of forums that recognizes exceptional leaders in the Philippines who are making a significant impact on the country's business scene and beyond. This prestigious award recognizes influential figures who are making a positive difference not only in their local communities but also worldwide. House of Franchise's flagship foodcart franchise concept, Siomai King, has been awarded the coveted Franchise Company of the Year title for an outstanding three consecutive years at the Asia Leaders Awards from 2020 to 2022. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the exceptional performance of Siomai King in the franchising industry, solidifying its position as a true leader in the field. With this recognition, House of Franchise has set the bar high for other companies to follow, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the franchise business.

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Reader's Digest

The Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Awards program is an annual event that recognizes brands that have earned the trust of consumers in various product and service categories. These awards are conducted by Reader's Digest, a reputable publisher of family magazines, books, and digital media. Winning a Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Award is a significant accomplishment for any brand, as it signifies that it has earned the trust and confidence of consumers. The awards are based on an independent and unbiased survey, making it a credible and trustworthy recognition for winning brands. JC's Coppermask has been awarded the Reader's Digest Most Trusted Brand Gold Awards for Health and Personal Care. This recognition is a testament to the product's high-quality and reliability, as well as JC's commitment to providing innovative solutions for customers. Coppermask has gained a strong reputation among consumers for its superior protection against viruses and harmful particles. Winning this award reinforces JC's commitment to providing high-quality and effective health and personal care products that customers can rely on. With this recognition, JC's Coppermask has cemented its position as a trusted brand in the health and personal care industry.