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Earn thru TokTok Mall 3.5% in every sales

How to Earn thru TokTok Mall

Below are the Benefits or how you can earn thru TokTok Mall Franchise.

  1. When you avail TokTok Online Franchise you will get 3.5% Referral commission every-time when someone use your link to Buy a products in TokTok Mall. You can avail this franchise using this link: Toktok Online Franchise Delivery Service . You can buy products using TokTok Mall website.
  2. It is simple to earn 3.5%, you will just share you TokTok Mall link to your friends or family using Social Media platform (Ex. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc..)
  3. If someone buy a product in your TokTok mall link, the Merchant-partner will prepare the products and they will deliver it to the buyer.
  4. After successful transaction, you will earn your 3.5% Commission.

Example Income:

1pc of Laptop worth of PHP 30,000. You will earn 3.5% or PHP1,050 in that transaction.

Simple right? You can own this TokTok Mall by availing our Limited time offer Franchise. Toktok Online Franchise Delivery Service

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